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What HSF would be good for the ASUS A7M266 w/ Athlon 1.33Ghz?
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  1. I have a 1.2Ghz Athlon on a A7M266 I have fitted a Silverado HSF. I am quite satisfied with it, and would obviously recommend this product, although I did substitue Arctic Silver II thermal compound for the stuff supplied.

    I would also suggest you consider Swiftech's MC462, whilst it is somewhat noisy, it is a very effective cooler.

    However you need to check if the Swiftech MC462 would fit your motherboard, as I think Asus may not have strictly adhered to the 'keep out' area that AMD say should be left without any components fitted (so that a heatsink can overhang the cpu socket).
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    Also see the review of HSF's at Tom's Hardware guide</A>
  2. The mc462 will NOT fit an a7m266 without some slight modification... But I can say it's worth it after you do them!

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  3. I would be grateful if you could give details of the modifications you've made to get the MC462 to fit A7M266

    Thanks in advance
  4. The biggest chuck of aluminium/copper/silver that you can buy, thats got 20 or above 'fins' to it. Then find the biggest (quietest) fan you can manage to attach to the heatsink and a power plug.

    Usually starting around $25.
  5. unless you are gonna do some hard overclocking, i would recommend a globalwin fop 32-1, not too loud and good performer.

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  6. Of course I'll recommend a Silverado, but I doubt you'll end up getting one.

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  7. Did you have any problems installing the Silverado? How long did it take for you to get one? it states 2-4 weeks im not sure if i want to wait that long since i only have a 30 day warranty on my cpu :(
  8. Actually, now they ship in 4-7 days after confirmation of payment, I got mine in 4 days and I live in the USA :). It was relatively difficult to push the clip over the lug, as there is no screw driver hole, but none the less I got it on with no problems. Not that hard to do, also it spreads the thermal compund out itself so you don't need to do it with a credit card edge or something.

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  9. I found installation to be fairly straightforward:
    I pressed down on the HSF clip (carefully) with a screwdriver until the clip was touching the top of the socket lug, then using a second screwdriver I gently levered the clip horizontally to clear the lug, then pressed the first screwdriver down a bit more until it was below the lug on the socket.
    I do agree with Tempus who says you do need to be carefull as the clip doesn't have a recess for retaining a screwdriver blade, which means it is possible for the screwdriver to slip off the clip. No prizes for guessing how I know this.

    As regards delivery I ordered after the 2 - 4 weeks delay was advertised but mine arrived 8 days after placing the order (I live in U.K.)
  10. See my other HSF posts (sick of posting it) and HardOCP andother places have it reviewed too.

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  11. In my opinion, the Swiftech MC462 or the GlobalWin Fop38/WBK38 should be able to handle the job.

  12. I ordered mine on 28 March and received it on 27 April. I live in Germany. I would hope orders would come faster now since Noisecontrol probably got inundated with orders after Tom's review of the Silverado.
  13. Sorry paulcalmond, didn't mean to abandon you on this, just forgot to check back. :)

    All I did was take about 5 of the pins out of the corner where the hsf comes into contact with the rogue capacitor and then used a 3/8" drillbit to remove the corner. If memory serves me, I put the center of the bit right behind the screw hole and just drilled right through the corner. What's left is a nice round corner that fits right around the cap. I also had to enlarge the notch on the bottom of mine, but I've since learned that it may have been a Swift Tech problem with that which has been resolved. Pretty easy mod actually, the pins pill easily with pliers, and the copper if very soft for the drill... ;)

    All that said and done, I love this thing. I had broken the center lug off my socket and in a panic stricken buying spree, the mc462 was my only option for effective cooling that didn't involve paper clip wire and fishing string.... The mount is very straight-forward, and I feel very secure with it. The guys at www.coolerguys.com were very helpful and got me an mc462 pronto to fix my mistake. You'll be happy with it too.

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  14. paulcalmond what kind of "fitting" did you have to do?

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  15. Perhaps I should have said that I installed a Silverado on my A7M266, I didn't mean to imply that any modification was necessary to either the A7M266 or the Silverado in order to install the HSF on my motherboard.

    Sorry if I've caused any confusion.
  16. Acording to Swiftech they have modified the MC462 to fit the a7m266, it is revision .01 and have went to a Sanyo Denki fan.The MC370 works real nice also on a O/C 900 http://www.swiftnets.com/

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  17. I dunno about swiftech supporting the mc462-a for the asus a7m266. Either way, there's a real easy mod so it will fit.

    Heres what I did.

    1. Find the corner that collides with the stupid capacator on the a7m266 mb.

    2. Get out your power drill and a small grinding wheel.

    3. Grind off the corner in question. It's likely you will loose 2 of the aluminum pins here.. but ok n' so what. Polish off the corner so there's no sharp edges

    4. Remove the bolt that no longer has a securing location, take it to the hardware store, get one that's say... 1" shorter, along with a couple of nuts that fit it.

    5. Find some A/B Epoxy.. I use MarineTex. Seems to be the best stuff I've ever used. Usually you can find this at a marine store. You know.. boats n' stuff...

    6. Drop the bolt through the corner of the fan, attach the nuts, mix some epoxy, and bond the nuts to the remaining aluminum rods. Note, I gluded my nuts to the aluminum posts, then carefully looped the epoxy around the nut so it acts like kind of a inplace lock on the outside. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET THIS EPOXY ON THE THREADS OF THE BOLT... I hope I don't have to elaborate on this!

    7. Let it dry, let it dry, let it dry.. The MarineTex has an emergency mix method where it gets hard in 10 mins, and like steel in 24 hrs.. this is the mix i used.

    8. Tighten up the bolt a bit, apply thermal paste, HS to CPU/Mb, connect electrically, put on Jet Engine ear muffs, n' power it up...

    Be sure not to have any small objects, pets, children around when you crank this thing up or they may get sucked in!


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  18. Swiftech announced the change on 05/01/01.

    Revision .01 of the MC462 features notched corners to allow clearance for capacitors found in some DDR motherboards, such as the Asus A7M266, or the Iwill KA266.

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  19. ok thats good news for me

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