AMD Display Driver Stops working

I have been getting this problem playing tf2 lately.
I have an hd 4670, and watching msi afterburner/ccc I see a max of 55c, nothing more. That's not THAT hot. I've tried all of the latest versions of control center.

Sometimes it happens after 10 minutes, sometimes not for 45 minutes. I have a corsair 750w PSU, which I doubt is the problem but I suppose it's possible.

Any ideas?

Edit: Just happened while I was in the first screen when connecting to a server, where you hit "continue" to choose a class. This is so annoying.
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  1. use driver sweeper or similar. if you can find 1 then uninstall the driver then run ccleaners reg cleaner... then reinstall 12.3 drivers restarting after every step.
  2. Can you remember if this has been happening only after you updated your catalsym control center?

    It could be an issue with the drivers, or you may have downloaded the beta drivers by mistake.

    Let me know and i'll try to help you out.
  3. I just backed the clocks down from stock by 25MHz and put fan on manual control at 85%, played for about an hour and a half with no problems, peaked at 50C.

    Could the automatic fan control not be working properly? It shows 0% on afterburner the whole time.
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