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Hi people

I have 128gb SSD i have 3 steam games on it i would like to remain there. I have no more space on the drive
and i want to download the rest of my steam games to a HDD but somehow keep the 3 on the SSD

Ive seen Steam mover which will create the partition between SSD & HDD but i want to change the DL directory while keeping the games i want on my SSD?!?!?

maybe i just did some circlework there, its a bit confusing, any help would be appreciated
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  1. when download the game from steam you can chose where to put the files.

    alternatively, you can head over to steam support website and look for article on moving steam installation and/or backing up steam installation

    Those articles are linked to each other and provide a decent amount of information on how steam treats forlders and how you can move them around/ modify
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