Minecraft with gtx 550 ti question

So i was just playing minecraft on my new build and all of a sudden it started to freeze and the fps dropped to 1. (if any) i was able to minimize and my gtx 50ti is at 40c so thats fine....

i also have a amd fx 4100 and it shows on the meter that core 4 is staying right at 100% with the other 3 cores dropping and raising.. Whats going on?!?
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  1. you have a background process that is taking up cpu time (antivirus or update checks, steam downloads, other online services, or even malware)

    don't quote me on this but I believe minecraft only runs on 1 core.
  2. Could be background processes. Also how often does it happen and does it happen when you're online? If it's happening when you're online it might be lag, that problem happens when I'm playing on battlefield 3 online sometimes with laggy servers.
  3. Yea go into Task Manager and check your processes and see whats using the most CPU usage. If it says... Explorer.exe restart your computer. I find that FX heavily does that, makes your OS architecture sort of reveal it self and just bog your system
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