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Hey I have my 700 T-bird Running @ 133x6 on my MSI K7T Turbo R. Now my Idle temp is usually around 40c now I know this is an ok temp and is nothing to worry about. But I've seen people with 1 gig T-birds with lower Idle temps. Now my room temp is usually 26-28c and i'm using a Volcano II HSF. I'm also using MSI's overclocking bios so it is the bios that's giving me the high Idle temps? Also with the O/C Bios it reports my Vcore @ 1.81 when the default for my Cpu @ 700 is 1.71v. Anyone know what's up? just want to know if anyone has had anything like this.
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  1. 40C is an excelent idle temp, worry not. Get MBM5 and check the Vcore at that.

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  2. I have the K7T Turbo as well, and this is the second fan I have bought. The first one was an AVC fan and heat sink I got from a friend that works there and he told me it is an excellent combo. The temp averaged 67C. I run SETI which makes my CPU always 100%, but that is damn high, so I went to the computer market here in Taipei and bought what everyone reccommended as almost the best. They said the Global WIN was better, but I bought the TAISOL as it was supposed to be quieter and almost as good as the Global WIN. Well this damn thing is still about 67C. Granted I am running at 100% all of the time and it is damn hot in Taiwan, still that is too high. Could it be my case? I already took both sides off of the case, but the CPU is right underneath the Power Supply with my Graphic card kind of forming a little box with not much air circulation. Still I think 67C is too hot. I installed some software from hwmonitor.com and it gives me about the same temp since I tought it was maybe the software that the K7T Turbo motherboard uses. I have the AXIA 1Ghz and I was going to try to overclock it to 1.5Ghz but I need to solve the cooling problem first.

    Any advice?


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