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What virus scan software do I want if I am a gamer?

Hi guys,
I am building a new computer to play Diablo 3 etc, and I am wondering. What is the best virus scan software do I want to use if I am a gamer. In the past I have used Norton and AVG. I will never use Norton again as it runs quite heavy in the background of a computer.

Is there a consensus pick for the gamer looking to keep his system safe?

Thanks guys!
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  1. You could try avast
  2. on modern day systems an anti-virus has hardly any slowdown. Personally I have used Avast free and had no problems with it interfering and is also light on resources.
  3. You said you've used AVG, what was wrong with it?
  4. Avast!

  5. You want the antivirus that is customizable to suit your needs and also has decent access to on-the-fly modifications. The problem is that there's a lot of different ones out there, and if you find a free one that satisfies you with its functionality, then you don't need to look for much more.
  6. i hear comodo antivirus is good.
  7. Haha, I guess I can't say I have had any problems with AVG at all. I have AVG on my work laptop and I have not had any problems, however, I do not do any gaming on it.

    My old home computer has Trend Micro, and it seems to have worked well with gaming.

    (Speaking with my co-worker who is also a gamer, he has used Ad-Aware and never had a problem.)

    Perhaps I could get away with Ad-Aware as a free user.
  8. I use Avast! Free along with Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware and Spybot S&D.

    Malwarebyte and Spybot do not automatically scan for malware or trojans, you need to do that yourself.
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    i have used avira free and malware bytes for the last 3 years and b4 that i used emsisoft antimalware and avira for 18months. i have had a grand total of 1 infection in all that time... while using these specific programs...

    i have on occasion tried different 1s like avg and avast. msse, nod and bitdefender but none of them lasted more than a month each due to getting infected... avast and avg let me down big time avg got caught by antivirus 2010 of all things... which means it was very poor as virtually every other av managed to catch and kill that 1. avast let me down with its email scanner. apart from bit defender which i didnt like the ui andis the reason for removing it.

    avira and malware bytes are a great combo but you have to have real time scanning enabled in malwarebytes to get the best protection and that isnt free...
    also the footprint is tiny compared to pretty much every other free av... they dont have a gamer mode but there so light they dont need em...

    if you want an all in 1 and are willing to pay £13-£15 a year then kaspersky is the real deal. and for about £5 more you can get the pure version which has extra child safety features in it and is well worth the price for piece of mind while your kids are surfing.

    just for refrence i do not surf safe as i dont want to. i will purposely occasionally test my security and the current combo i use has stood up to everything i have thrown at it...

    comodo do a great firewall, 1 of the very best infact but there antivirus is less than average with a catch rate less than avg's 75% avasts 78% msse 78%... compare that to my combo which has a catchrate of over 97% which is just marginally better than kasperskys all in 1 aproach which will get over 95%..

    but dont take my word for it go look at the comparative tests...but make sure you check more than 2 and pick the 1 that tops the most lists...
  10. i'd recommend MSE, am a hardcore gamer and cant complain more XD, doesnt annoy you, its super silent, and protects you or you could try Avira :), i have tested lot of AV, and those what i have come up with
  11. use whatever floats your boat. Personally I don't like anti-virus software that bugs you to upgrade all of the time, so I use MSE along with Balwarebytes and SUPERanti-spyware
  12. if you use malware bytes theres no need for superantispyware unless your MWB doesnt have realtime scanning activated.
  13. I am using max secure gamer edition internet security ... It is pretty quick, it replaced my AVG .. It works well with my heavy gaming as well
  14. MSE and Malwarebytes,
  15. Using Eset's NOD32, and im happy with it. Silent, you don't even notice it when it's updating, etc. Does what it's supposed to do
  16. Ive been using avira antivirus for the last 3 years and i have never had a problem with it.
    That eeing said, i used norton before, and while it runs heavy, i loved it. It really kept the PC clean, and i could even trace my ip connections to know if i am having an intrusion or not.

    If i had the cash for norton id definitly get it over avira (free),
  17. Avast, best free antivirus I've also heard AVG is good.
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  19. I use AVG, but I have it disabled 90% of the time because I get false positives with some games and modding tools. I basically just run a virus scan every month or so to make sure nothing bad has happened.
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