Getting explorer.exe stopped error

Hey guys, pls help me to sort out the problem. I am getting explorer.exe stopped working need to be restarted message. And it starts restarting the explorer. Can any one tell me what the hell is that happening.

Pls reply soon .....

Its occurs occasionally 2/3 times a day.Happens only if any explorer remains idle for more than 1/2 an hour.
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  1. Sounds like the file has got a little corrupt. How long has this been happening?

    If it's not been long you could do a System Restore to before this happened.

    If you've got the Windows CD floating about you could do a Windows repair, it will still keep all your own files but only replace the windows one. This is kind of the last resort though.

    Maybe someone else has some better answers :)
  2. no it does mot works it is happening at the same rate........
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