How do i find my own security key for my wifi?

how do i find the wpa2-psk (aes) on my computor for my 3ds wifi
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  1. You can't access your wifi password via computer. You get it from your ISP (internet service provider) or it will be written on the back of your modem/router
  2. - Log into the router screen using your web browser (will vary depending on the router but is usually or -- My ATT 2wire device uses ) -- Normally the proper access setting is in the router manual or can be found on the internet if you know the router you are using.

    - Log in ( Using your password that you set during install or if you didn't set one find the default password for your router in the manual -- usually "Admin" for username and either Blank or "Password" for Password but also varies depending on the router. (Again the default is listed in the router manual or on the internet )

    - access the "Wireless Settings" or "Wireless Security" sections of the configuration page. The WPA key should be here. (If it shows asterisks - there may be a check box to display letters OR you may need to reset it by assigning a new password (If you do this you will need to update all devices that use the router to connect)
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