Acer TravelMate VS Fujitsu AMILO

I am interested on buying a notepad. There are two possibilities:
1) Fujitsu AMILO PRO V2040
2) Acer TravelMate 4152LMi
Both of them are similar in the specification, the Acer is a little bit cheaper (100$).
Any one has any recommendation?
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  1. Have you looked at ComPaq with the new AMD Turion?
  2. I have to buy it in a specific store which doesnt have any compaq/HP computer.
    It apears that 4152LMI was replaced buy 4152LMIGF (with geforce 6200) and now this one is more expansive then the amilo (100$)
  3. acer is not bad with the duo setup. 100gb hard disk 1gb ram. 1.66ghz I payed $999
  4. What is the specifications?? :D
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