Upgrading from Windows 7 Evaluation Copy Build 7100?

At the moment im using the windows 7 EC build 7100 64 bit(beta). So right now my friend just ordered me a Windows 7 homepremium UPGRADE. If i upgrade will it be a 64 bit or 32? thanks and most importantly will it work since im using the beta?
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  1. Unless things have changed this time around, upgrades only work on existing retail copies of MS Windows OS's. That excludes, betas, evaluation copies and OEM copies.

    It seems the upgrade CD's contain both 32 and 64 bit.

    Your best bet is to buy the OEM copy as its the cheapest at $99 ... upgrade is $20 more.
  2. You need to have a licensed copy of a full Microsoft OS installed. Win7 will then ask if you want an upgrade in place or a clean install. From what I've read, do the clean install.
    B&H photo had the OEM upgrade for $89.
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