Ps3 won\'t work with HDMI

the ps3 works on one tv through hdmi and when i take it down the stairs it doesn't work and all the hdmi ports on the both tvs are working
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  1. Does the other tv support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)? If not, the PS3 won't display.
  2. I think I remember having to hook my ps3 up using component cables and messing with the output settings to get HDMI to work on my HDTV. It was awhile ago though and the only thing I use it for now is to kick my feet up when using my computer. :D
  3. That makes sense. Component can display HD video and was around before HDCP existed. If you change the video cables, you need to change the ps3's video settings first, in this case component.
  4. turn off the ps3 and hold down the power button until the ps3 turns on and keep holding it down until it you hear a second beep and it should work
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