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Need Help Patching skyrim

I downloaded skyrim through torrents and after I was done playing it i decided to install steam to get the patches
I added the game into my steam but its recognizing as a non steam game and will not patch it.

IS there a way to fix this? Or manually patch it myself?
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  1. if its a pirated torrent then steam updates will never work, you will need to buy the game from steam for the updates to work.
  2. if you want the game to have the proper support you will need to buy the game, although im sure that you will be able to find a patch the same way you aquired the game.
  3. you can get the patches as torrents from ptb
    (i know that cause i DID have a pirated skyrim but that was as a demo i liked it so i brought (and also cause there were some awesome steam workshop only mods)
  4. I am planning on buying it, but all of my money went into the PC thats running it.
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    buy the game is the only advice you give to a pirate on toms. as tom's does not condone or support piracy...
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