Do I need another fan w/ my system?

Here it is:

Biostar M7MIA
256 MB Crucial Micron DDR
1.2 Ghz Athlon 266 FSB(not overclocked)
ASUS V7700 Geforce2 GTS 32 MB Pure
Maxtor 40 GB 7200rpms
Some ethernet card...
8 X DVD drive
4X4X24 HP CD Writer

I have 3 fans, the one in power supply, on the cpu, and a fan on the AMD 760 Northbridge chipset. Should I get extra cooling? My system seems to be performing under par than what I predicted. Is there a special place that I put the fan and how do I install one?
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  1. A fan will not improve the speed of your PC.

    It may help to lower temperatures in your case to improve stability or possibly help overclocking.

    How much off from your perception is the system, and how are you measuring it?

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  2. ***Warning: Assumption in progress!!!***

    Ok, I'm going to assume you are talking about the cooling of your system is not up to par. You were pretty vague in your post, but gathering from the forum you posted in, and the question about fans this is the best I can do...

    Basically, IMHO you don't have any fans at all. The ones you mention are standard and do what they are intended to and that's about it. The psu fan will help to cool the case a litle, but it's main purpose is to exhaust the heat from the power unit.

    From the info you provide, I'd guess your cpu is very hot! Perhaps in the 60C range, am I getting warm at all ('scuse the pun!)

    Do you need to add fans?

    Damn right you do, if you want that system stable and to be around for a while. I'd start with a minimum of 2 80mm fans, one in the lower front of the case sucking cool air in, and - if possible - one over the psu blowing hot air out. Warm air rises, take advantage of that and get rid of the heat at the top. If you can't get a fan over the psu, consider cutting a hole in the top of the case and mounting one there, this is what's known as a "blowhole." They really help too... If this helps and you feel like getting a little crazy, also cut a hole in the side of the case over the cpu and add another fan there blowing cool air over the hsf, this makes a dramatic difference in the cpu temps.

    I have this little cooling obsession... I have 1 6", 1 120mm, and 3 80mm fans in my system; of those the 6" and the 120 are A/C powered. This all in addition to the 80mm Delta on the mc462 over the cpu, a blorb on the video, and the fan on the northbridge. I have over 430cfm just in case fans, not counting the internal fans. I live in hot Florida, and in a 26-27C room I get 31-34C on the cpu.

    Yes, add some fans and while you're at it, post again detailing your problem and some temps you are currently at would be nice too. :)

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  3. Dang i think you diserve a round of alpause.... can you hear me clapping? 31C! 2 thombs up

    <b><font color=red><^></font color=red></b>
  4. 31-34 degrees on what cpu and load or idle - if I can ask?

    Also, what's your system temperature?

    I can only get my 1.6Ghz Athlon down to 42-43 degrees using the 462 and delta with similar room temps. My case temp is only 1 or 2 degrees above ambient (24-26 for 25-27).

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  5. <A HREF="" target="_new">Comair Rotron Patriot AC</A>

    When I put that in the side of my case, that's when I really started getting good temps on the cpu. Funny thing is, I can't figure out where the mb temp probe is. Curently my cpu is at 34C, but the mb is at 32C. I have actually seen times where they were both the same, yesterday they both read 33C. I'm thinking the mb sensor is in a dead spot, or up behind a drive or something.

    And these temps are my idle temps with maybe 3 or 4 browser windows open and nothing else running but the crap in the system tray. Usually, when people post temps like I get, I figure they are lieing, but I have some serious airflow in my case and the hearing impairment to prove it! I can't hear my internal modem dial out anymore! ;) Also, I'm not overclocked at the moment and am at stock voltage.

    If you want some serious airflow, check out the Patriot AC. I wouldn't want to run the DC version from my psu, but I have several AC fans in my case right now and I think they're great. I tapped the AC inside my psu and ran a standard molex out of it into my case (clearly marked of course!) so now when I add one I can just do it with a Y plug.

    I also have loomed all power wires and round IDE cables, even if they didn't help cooling they look great... I was running folding@home for a while and the cpu temp usually only climbed 2 or 3C. Let's just say I wasn't afraid to take the saws to my case.

    I just pulled the case out from under my desk and as I type, I'm at 30c mb and 32C cpu and the room is around 26-27C.

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  6. Sorry, forgot the cpu. Athlon TBird 1ghz B not overclocked. Now that I finally got my temps where I wanted them I'm probably going to spin it up a little.

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  7. I'm a gamer and my main disappointment was with the benchmarks from 3dMark 2001. I forget my scores but they were nothing like the ones Tom had for my video card. I'm also not seeing much of a difference in programs and windows speed from my PIII 450. I just thought I would clearly see a difference. Also, how do you go about cutting a hole through the metal case?
  8. I'd geuess that GTS has you running at about 3500-4000 in 3D2001?

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  9. Egads... I wasted my long-winded post! You should see a pretty big difference over a p3-450 I would think.. Have you run any other benchmarks besides 3d mark 2001?

    For holes, the best way is to go to Home Depot, or another hardware store, and get yourself a hole saw. For 80mm fans, get a 3", 4" for 120mm. They are kind of expensive, but I assure you the results are nothing but professional looking and it's really easy + quick to do them. I got a 3"and a 4" with the chuck to run them for $45. If you want to save a little cash, use a jigsaw. The results aren't as good, but the hole is all that matters.

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  10. I wish my score was that high Peteb.....I just ran a test today and scored 3232.....any suggestions on how to improve score?
  11. try getting the new 4 in 1 driver form via and check for other updates on the drivers and bios updates also
  12. Are you sure all the 4in1s are applicable to the Biostar AMD760 board? I personally am not sure on thme if you have the AMD northbridge.

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  13. I agree with Peteb, 4 in 1 drivers prob won't work with AMD northbridge. I'm using the Detonator 3 drivers version 10.08 or something...
  14. Well, firstly are you using DirectX8.0 and nVidia reference drivers 12.0? The latter gives quite a hike if you are using generic drivers right now.

    Are you running 2K or 98? I don't think it makes that much odds though anyway. Make sure you follow the guides for disabling all unneeded processes though.

    Is your BIOS setup to support sideband writing to the vid card, memory aparture at at least 32Mb.

    Is your HDD defragged? Just installed? Defrag it anyway and see how bad it got.

    Is your pagefile dynamic or fixed? It should be set to a static size, and be defragged - if it's not, your system performace will suffer. You need to do this early on, otherwise it will get written on sectors nearer the outside of the HDD platters and get slower performance too.

    What else?

    Do you have antivirus? Best to disable that. Anything else in Systray etc.

    Oh yeah - is your memory PC2100 or PC1600? What CAS/Latency timeing are you running it at?

    Have you actually set your FSB to 133/266 and not 100, which the board might default the T-Bird to?

    Try some of that and get back to us, then we'll get into video card settings. I trust you have the drivers set for V-Synch always off and best performance setting in direct3d?

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  15. Quick question:

    Are all T-birds capable of 133/266? The one I bought from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> says 200FSB...

    Can anyone verify it for me? Thanks!

    <i>OC...unless your computer's cheezy (is that a good rhyme?)</i> :eek:
  16. Technically speaking your chip is an Athlon B, rated only to 100/200 FSB/Int Bus.

    Realistically a lot or all of the recent tbirds (and previous ones too) will run on a 133 board okay at 133. You may need to unlock the multiplier to drop it, and the reslting chip speed, or get some very good cooling.

    The older Via KT133 chipset (100FSB, 133 Memory) has been said not to run over 115Mhz or so, so will likely not reach 133FSB. Therefore if you get a nea KT133A board, or better yet a 760AMD board, you should be okay.

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