NO! Is PC gaming dieing, growing, or stable?

Does anyone maybe have a graph for the up-to-date market share? I can't find one...

I just am desperate to know if PC if dieing slowly, and who is if so? Consoles? Mobile phones/tablets?
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  1. pc is growing and has recently overtaken the consoles in game sales. its a multi billion dollar industry that will only grow even when the new gen of consoles arrive. as they will be unlikely to be as powerful as a mid high end pc. serious gamers will always want the best gfx to go with great gameplay which is something the consoles cant deliver.

    your unlikely to find any info past 2010 as it takes a while for them to filter down to the net. the 2011 numbers should be showing up soon as the 2011 tax year has just finished.
  2. All I hear on here is "I have decided to pull my old PC out of storage because I am done with consoles and I want to do better than the consoles" That is what I hear all over the this web site and on other web sites as wll.

    Consoles will have there place and there pros but for dependablilty and better graphics and you can do a lot more with the PC than a console. The only better thing in the console is the connect thing like for the Xbox 360 and Wii.

    But other than that the PC can do everything the consoles can do and do them even better. Of course this is my opinion on the PC over consoles but I am hearing a lot of people saying what I stated at the begining.
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