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I have mw3 on the pc, and when i play it, the screen goes black at first, the mw3 menu comes up for multiplayer, and when I quit game, the game freezes for a long time then I have to close it with task manager, and even if I change the settings, it does the same thing, and I have close it with task manager and in task manager, it says not responding. And even If I play mw3, the game takes really long to load and plays on low fps. I don't know what is the problem Black ops and my other games work perfectly.

PC specs:AMD Fx, 4100
Ati radeon 6670
Nvidia Nforce 630a
1tb hdd
8gb of ram.
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  1. try to verify your game with steam, and close any running/background apps, your specs is good to run the game on high, try medium settings
  2. the fx has proven to be very weak with the cod titles as it only uses 2 threads the 6670 is a weak gaming card so i cant say im surprised. on cod 4 your lucky to get 50fps on high settings and mw3 is slightly more demanding so your looking at just over 35-40... if your running at 1080p
    so i think you may be getting the best your kit can offer...
  3. no, before that happened, cod mw3 was playing perfectly on high setting. but now it does that, black ops plays really good on my computer evn though thay require the same specs.And I've played mw3 on a computer with waaaaaaay worse specs and it didn't do that. So my specs are pretty good.
  4. oh well it must be user error then musn't it,review-32169-5.html crysis 2 it cant even get a solid 30 fps at minimum settings@1080p
    btw high settings is minimum in crysis as they didnt want to lable it because some idiot seem to think you should get a trophy for playing rather than winning... again it falls flat 1s you get up to 1080p it really is a poor card... and only worth it if you play at 1280/1024 only then will you get an average 60 fps but really you want the minimum numbers which many of the benches dont give because they wouldnt give a glowing review...
    so please the next time sum1 says it aint up to the job, take there word for it...
    better still take there word and then go look for yourself...

    but you want to check the games integrity via steam if yours is a steam game... if not reinstall it and patch it properly.
  5. i did that a lot and an update probably messed it up
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