Own an Athlon C ( AXIA ) Please Read!

I want to buy an AXIA but have some questions. I think having all of this information in one thread will be helpful to AMD overclockers. Please take a moment to answer these questions:

FSB & Multiplier (stable):
Temp no load:
Temp under load:
Heat Sink:
Retail or OEM (please specify):
URL where purchased (online orders):
Phone # where purchased (retailer):

It worked yesterday! :lol:
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  1. 145 & 9 rock stable at 1.75V Can do 150x10 at 1.85v and boot to windows
    no load = 28C
    load = 40C
    Heatsink: Alpha Pal-6035
    Fan: Black Label Delta
    Price: 209
    Fry's Electronics in Arlington, Texas

    Also on an IWILL KK-266 board
  2. That is pretty good!

    It worked yesterday! :lol:
  3. Well I ran upto 1400 and ran 3DMark 2001 (10.5 x 133). Can't up my FSB and run the same app to finish. Looks like the video card but it could by something else. Never uped it to see what speed would post.

    As far a temp. that depends on the room temp for one. I'm at 1333, 1.75V and 36C. I've been over 40C with the same settings

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  4. Is that your idle temps, or your load temps?

    I ususally run idle at 30C with 1314mhz 140 x 9 and about 38-40C under full load using Seti@home.
  5. Okay...I know there are more of you out there with an AXIA...please post your success here so we can all benefit...Thanks!

    It worked yesterday! :lol:
  6. I'm still in the process of putting together an Athlon 1.333ghz/ASUS A7V133 Rev 1.05 system. For testing purpose, I just tried powering up the system with a VIRGE PCI card, went into the BIOS and changed the multiplier to 11x and it posted fine at 1.466. Havent tried anything higher than that though... Maybe I should try upping the FSB frequency to see if it will boot at 1.5.

  7. What kind of Heatsink?
  8. hehehh Just 5 minutes ago, I tried increasing the FSB freq. to 137 with a multiplier set at 11x still and it posted fine at 1.507ghz Of course, the real test is... will it be able to run at that speed reliably in Windows? The heatsink is ThermoEngine Plus (38CFM fan, and is very noisy :)) I also scrapped off the heatsink compound that came with it and use ArcticSilver II instead.

  9. Was curious, I use an Alpha PAL-6035 with black label Delta. I've really only been able to get my gig at 150x9 reliably. Doe setting my FSB at 133 or 137 and going 11 multiplier really offer any more performance than a 150 FSB at 9 times for 1425? I'd be interested in seeing some benchmarks. I'd think a 1425 using a 150 (300DDR) FSB would be somewhat quicker than a 1507 with 137 fsb, but hell I don't really know it's all speculation here. :-)

    congrats on the overclock by the way, 1507 is still impressive no matter how you get there. Another satisfied AMD customer.
  10. HI,

    I gig axia Y, abit kt7a, running at 1350 (12.5 x 108) and has been running solid for 7 days now (with a few reboots to alter bios), I alternete running 3dmark 2001 and genome@home to the cpu is constantly under load, Have a stock (bit larger than the average) heatsink with a 60mm sunon fan (taken of a socket 7 alpha), temps around 50-52C, Im waiting for my new hsf (thermoengine+alpha) to arrive and hopefully I'll see a drop in temp. For some reason i CANT run at higher than 108 fsb.

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  11. I have a 1.33axia and a thermoengine pro(delta) and it is rock stable at 133x11 but if i up the fsb by even 3mhz i get errors on 3dmark, im betting its my vidcard and hopefully the geforce3 im getting this month will solve the problem, I have booted to windows at 1.5ghz and it ran stable for a short period of time, but the heat gets me on intensive programs.

    Idle 93 farenheight(at 1.46) load 114 farenehight.

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  12. i got a 1G AHIA, must be a earlier stepping, it ONLY goes to 1.2G,can boot to windows at 145x8.5 but only lasts 5 minutes in games. but then again i only got a FOP32-1.

    BTW with SIS bringing out a DDR chipset with better performance than AMDs AND the prices on DDR PC2100 so low, would you like to wait for the 'new' t/bird? maybe a cheapo duron for now (good L1 bridge joining practise)

    however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
  13. what kind of board and ram do you have with this system
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