ATX standoffs?

Do ATX boards need standoffs or do they just bolt right to the case? the AT style had the plastic standoffs but I am not sure about the ATX form factors.
TIA for any help you can send

Sam, Too poor to own anything fast.
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  1. You must use the stand offs. Otherwise you will short out your board.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  2. Thanks for info Rick. I got a freebie slot 1 MB so bought an ATX case (cheapo) to plop it in. got a hold of pc100 64mb dram and a celeron 300 ( not an A ). I was worried about the standoffs so used electrical tape over the bolt holes on the board and tried it but no go. This is all gimmie stuff so not sure any of it works.
    Do new boards come with the standoffs? or do they usually come with the cases? There doesn't seem to be much room for the standoffs on the ATX when you consider the back plate.
    Thanks for your reply... Any info is a big help.

    Sam, Too poor to own anything fast.
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