AMD GPU and Tera?

Is anyone having as much trouble playing Tera with an AMD GPU as me? I am using a 7970 that I had overclocked to the max in MSI beta and I have had to drastically lower the overclock to make the game stable and it still sometimes crashes and has the occasional screen tear. That doesn't really make sense to me since I was running Witcher 2 and Starcraft 2 smoothly with my previous overclock settings. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and BTW I already updated my drivers to the most recent release after having even worse issues when I first tried the game.
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  1. what tera? frogster or enmasse?
  2. Enmasse its this MMO.
  3. in america tera is hosted by enmasee in europe tera is hosted by frogster
    there are some large differences between the versions (american (enmasse) tera apparently has the nexuses european (frogster) tera does not)
    there are also a few other differences so i do not beleave i can help you with this as i have the frogster tera

    but i think your card even not overclocked is better than my card so just try tera without the overclock and it should work perfectly

    as for it crashing while you have the overclock i would put that down to the game itself being messed up a bit
  4. 1. tera is a game that only recetly hit the stores, so still bound to have some bugs
    2. I'm 99% sure AMD hasn't got around to releasing performance drivers for 7970 and/or TERA
  5. your graphics card is roughly (according to hwcompare) 100% better than my card and i run tera on maximum ok (not in velika and other large citys but i suspect that that has something to do with the fact the game only appears to load everything around me (so when i go around a corner i lagg out for a second or two)
    just drop it down to factory settings (i think you can get profiles that kick in when you launch progames or something so try that) and it should work perfectly untill them performance drivers ^ get released
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