What does it mean 12.4 wont be supported by diablo 3

What does this mean ? Does it mean that the game wont load or play if Im using 12.4 drivers or is it just not optimized for the 12.4 drivers?

Just wondering because Im thinking about getting it tonight but if 12.4 wont work and the game wont load then I have to find 12.3 and it kinda sucks because I have to find the old 12.3 drivers for my older 6850 or else I have crossfire problems since the bios versions are different on each card.

Yup so just let me know, so I know if I should look for the 12.3 drivers.
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  1. It means ATI does not support Diablo 3 for now,
    However i think you will be able to play it, but the game experience will be not as good as expected.

    Get an Nvidia,
    Updates once or twices a year, but they work fine, and they even update older cards like my 8800gt ultra and 9800gtx. You should go for an 560gtx, works perfect :). O and best pick them from ASUS, as there are really caring about their costumers.
  2. wait for the very soon update..
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