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I am going to get a 120x120x25mm Sunon KD1212PTB3-6A case fan and I am thinking of getting a Silverado, but I am curious if the case fan would be louder than the Silverado.

The specs are:
4pin, 12vdc, ball bearing, 2400rpm, 69cfm, 35.5dBA

Seeing everything as it is, the dBA levels are never true. Does anyone know if the case fan dBA level of the fan is 35.5 or what would an estimated dBA level be?

Another question:
How does the 120x120x38 Sunon KD1212PMB3 (3pin, 12vdc, ball bearing, 3.2watts, 2400rpm, 84cfm, 35dBA) have more CFM than the other one at the same dBA?
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  1. Sorry I can't help you on the noise issue, I am too considering that fan too.

    But the reason why the 2nd fan you mentioned can psh more CFM is because it is thicker (38mm vs 25mm).

    If you ever get the KD1212PMB3 I don't suggest you use the 3 pin directly on the mobo, some people clain the amount of power required for such a big fan might damage the board.
  2. the 120mm Sunons are quite quiet but the airflow noise is higher than the fan noise in my opinion.

    I think you'll find that there will be noticeable noise, but it is a lot of air!

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  3. Thanks for the responses. Another question I have on mind: would the case fans be louder than the silverado?
  4. I'd say so. I have my Silverado running at maxiumum speed (12V direct to mobo)and I still can't hear it over my case fans. An extremely quite system with great cooling.

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