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I have a rear 80mm sunon blowing out and a front 40mm sunon fan blowing air in, I also have the ps fan blowing air out. I am looking for more case cooling. I would get extra fans but i'm not sure how to mount them or where to mount them, so I was looking at the cooling gadgets sold by Specifically the front expansion slot cooler and the long blue slot cooler. Does anybody know if these gadgets are worth it? or does anybody have better suggestions on getting more case cooling? thanks
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  1. The biggest impact is going to be binning that ridiculous 40mm intake fan and getting an 80mm or bigger in there.

    To get any airflow the 40mm is going to have to run at turbine speeds and will be noisy. An 80mm fan will probably heft 2x the air for 1/2 the noise.

    I'd look at getting the basics right before investigating 'gadgets'. Slot coolers work okay for point cooling, but they are not going to get your system overall temperatures down...

    Don't consider the PS fans as doing anything but looking after the PS btw. PSUs are not designed as case air extractors, and need a good supply of cool air in the case as much as the cpu or video card.

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