Is Diablo3 through oriigon when u buy it?

when u buy the retail game is it a solo keygen like the WOW games? or do you have to autheticate and play it through origon or some type of app
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  1. i think D3 needs a permanent connection to the web. regardless of how you buy it...
    it doesnt come with origin. it runs through blizzards own sign in system... from what i gather... the game loads and connects to blizzards servers to check for updates it will likely authenticate when it does this...
  2. retail=has keygen, if you have an account redeem your code in your account and you'll be able to login and play :)
  3. it's through (blizzard's game network) afaik, you need to register your code similar that you would on steam or any other type of DRM
  4. ok i forgot all about the blizzard network. pretty crappy how d3 has no single player and you need the internet to play it
  5. You login through a account. You have to be logged in to play single- or multi-player whether you buy the retail or download it.
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