Is this an UNCola?
U.N. undersecretary-general for safety and security Gregory B. Starr told reporters Thursday evening that "there is nothing to indicate that this had anything to do with anybody at the United Nations."

Starr said the drug was actually stashed in two bags that were stamped with the sky-blue U.N. logo of a world map in an apparent effort to masquerade as diplomatic pouches, which are not supposed to be inspected. Inside the bag, the drug was hidden in hollowed-out notebooks, he added
"This did not come from a United Nations facility," Starr said of the shipment. "It was not, in my opinion, not intended to go to a United Nations facility."

Whos this guy?
The UN's CYA?
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  2. JAYDEEJOHN said:

    Whos this guy?
    The UN's CYA?

    I doubt it. If the bags had been UN bags, your remarks might have been accurate.
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