Bf3 Bottleneck help??

Hi, I recently purchased a few gaming components to build a BF3 system amongst other games. My problem is that I think their may be a bottleneck in my system because I can only run on high settings with about 30-40fps. Wondering if I can get some opinions: thank you

PC specs:

Intel i5-2500k cpu
Asus P8Z77-V LX mobo
Kingston hyperx 1600mhz 2x4gb
EVGA GTX 550ti 1gb Superclocked
1tb seagate 7200rpm 64mb cache
Coolmaster 500W powersupply?
Windows 7 Home 64bit

Philips ultraslim 23" LED widescreen monitor

According to nvidias website I should be able to run on ultra 1080p with avg 44 fps?
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  1. The graphics card is the bottleneck I don't know what resolution you play at and can't find a 550Ti benchmark but it should be well below the 460 in this one:
  2. Oh okay thank you, would upgrading the cpu to the i7-2600k give me a 10+ fps increase at all?
  3. Just checked the Nvidia site there claims are with AA turned off do you have it turned off and do the other settings match?
  4. No a new CPU will not help at all especially that one which will give no noticeable benefit in any games you need to upgrade the graphics card.
  5. I have AA turned off in game. I'm not sure that the driver settings are set at. Would the driver settings need to be turnedoff? I'm not currently at home but will be in a couple hours. All other in-game settings match. I have the 550ti 1 gb superclocked, not the 2gb version, would that make a difference?
  6. xnocturnal said:
    Oh okay thank you, would upgrading the cpu to the i7-2600k give me a 10+ fps increase at all?

    Hi :) NEED to run a better (more expensive card)....that will give the fps increase....the MORE you spend the better the increase....

    When my Computer shops are building a Custom Gamers machine we advise the customer to spend HALF the cost of the machine on the graphics if a £1000 machine, then £500 on the card....etc...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Yess, I. Understand, I'm just having a trouble time trying to understand why and how a 550ti on nvidia's website gets 44 fps on ultra with aa psu is more than enough you guys are saying? :)
  8. Hi :)

    It doesnt reach those fps as you know....

    There are Benchmarks and there are straight lies.....both are

    We sell your card and its well under £100 (UK) a £300 card and all your problems will go away...

    All the best Brett :)
  9. There will nearly always be a difference in benchmarks and real life performance as benchmarks only test a small part of the game and are on PCs with a clean windows install and no anti-virus or anything else in the background, also Nvidia will always want to give there cards the best figures they can by cherry picking the best tests. Just to confirm again the only way to get better FPS is a GPU upgrade.
  10. you may get 44 in the single player but there giving the average... even on my card which is stronger than yours i wont get 44 minimum with them settings.
    typical nvida for overstating the ability of there hardware... i havent ever seen them give a true account of there hardwares ability...
    same goes for ati... they both really do try to oversell there hardwares abilities...

    your system your want medium settings with dx11 turned off high / ultra textures. for a rock solid 60 minimum
  11. Understood and agreed. Another 300 dollars will get you from 30-40 fps on high to 60-70 on ultra...not worth...wayyyy not worth what a rip. But I'm a they'll catch another 400 dollar net from me lol..
  12. Okay great, thanks a lot guys! Lastly, if I were to overclock my GPU, what would be a good. OC application/program?
  13. msi afterburner... but make sure you have enough headroom to oc with the cooler you have... not all will allow a decent oc...
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