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Which baord would be better for overclocking an Athlon 1Ghz (266fsb) with 128Mb 133Mhz Memory, the Abit KT7A Raid or Asus A7V133 ???

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  1. same- either one will do the trick. Asus generally performs miniscule amounts better and Abit softmenu is the easiest thing ever. Both are great and easy and I've messed with both with no problems-- whichever you can get for less I'd get.

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  2. I'll recommend the Asus since I have it. It is running my 1.33 @ 1.58 nicely.

    Get good quality CAS2 branded PC133 or PC150 memory

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  3. I fell in love with the Abit boards. I have my TBird 1.2 on the KT7A RAID running 1.33 nicely. The softmenu rocks.

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  4. KT7A raid, 1 gig axia ran @ 1350 no probs, current one also 1 gig running at 1200 just now but will go higher.

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  5. NONE.

    Get the Iwill KK266, much cheaper than either and also much better in o/c. I have an athlon 1.0ghz 266fsb retail. I can overclock it to 1.4 ghz (133*10.5) easily. Very stable even without increasing voltage. (But I know it can go even higher than that) The FSB can also be overclocked pretty high, i got it to 147mhz stable. All this using the RETAIL STOCKED Heatsink/Fan that came with my CPU!!! Temp was @ 30 deg Celcius!!! (its this low cuz its cold outside and i left my window open and took the case cover off). But during regular use, and hot days, i underclock it 1.2ghz.
    So if that answers your question, GET THE IWILL KK266!!!
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