Razer Naga works well with Diablo 3?


Newbie here.

I am wondering if any of you have used the Razer Naga with Diablo III? Will I be able to map the 1, 2, 3, 4, Q to the side buttons on the mouse easily to say, 1, 2, 3, 4, 9?

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  1. the mouse will point well enough but the button placement is near useless.
    better to assign the macros to your keyboard if you can rather than the mouse.
    so yes they can be mapped to the mouse buttons but you will struggle to be accurate with em in battle.
  2. I have the Naga Epic. 1-4 buttons is mapped by default and I usually use the mouse instead of the keyboard to hit those commands.

    I haven't tried mapping the Q button since my left hand is always at the ready for the shift key and it's easy to hit the Q if I need a potion.

    Makes me wonder if I should map keys 5-12 to all the various keyboard shortcuts. Zoom, Inventory, Follower menu, Skills, etc.

    I'll try it out tonight!
  3. Okay, so I tried it out.

    Through a combination and/or singular use of the following, you can get the keys mapped to whichever you want.

    Elective Mode set to ON (Options): Catering to your playstyle, you can be more selective of your abilities via left/right click and 1-4 keys.

    Key Bindings (Options): Update which keys press what ('1' through '='). Staying stationary while using commands is usually the shift key only. I also assigned it to my 5 key as secondary. It's the middle key on the Naga's side keypad. It allows me to shift-click with one hand AND also press an adjacent key while still holding 5 down. 1-4 is still the same. 5 is shift. 6 is Map. 8 is zoom. I forgot the rest.

    Naga mouse software: I have my Q key as my middle scroll click. It's a good button location for those "Oh Sh_t!" moments.
  4. I swear that I'm not trolling when I ask this, but is there something wrong with the keyboard that makes it unusable for Naga owners? Cramming all of these abilities onto the mouse via the 12 button side panel and middle mouse click sounds great, but that seems like a lot of extra work for the hand that is already controlling click precision (be it clicking to move, clicking targets in D3, selecting targets in WoW while tanking, aiming in an FPS or whatever else).

    I'm looking for legitimate input because this is something I wonder about. Personally, I can't stand to have more than 2 buttons on the side of my mouse, and the LMB and RMB mapped to abilities or movement. I don't even like to use MMB's scroll-wheel click.

    I can see to an extent how it's useful in a game like WoW where people for some reason never bother to change the default keybinds from WASD for movement, and so their hand is ridiculously crammed on the left side of the keyboard, but for a game like Diablo it seems like putting everything on the Naga is solving a non-existent problem unless you actually only had one hand.
  5. For me it's just personal preference. I don't play at a desk. If I did, I'd be using the keyboard a lot more.

    I do all my PC gaming in the living room now. I sit on the couch looking at the big screen with the mouse on the armrest. For Diablo 3 mostly, it's nice not having a keyboard on my lap and being sprawled out on the couch. For other games (I don't play any intensely paced games like first person shooters), I'll have the keyboard on my lap or within reach at least.
  6. @casual
    no, nothings wrong with the keyboard, but as a naga owner i think it makes alot of games easier to play. i use it for swaping between weapons in skyrim or fps games, its just quicker than scrolling through the list. the only thing is the top 6 buttons are easily reached and the others not so much without shifting your hand.
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