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Hi all,

Recently, I built myself a monster computer and I've been playing Crysis. the problem is that it has around 10-20 FPS with everything maxed with the best antialiasing. So what's causing the slow down?

I'm pretty sure I should top this game at around 50 FPS because of my specs:

Radeon HD 7950
Amd Phenom II X4 965 BE

Yeah... so, it would be great if any of you guys could help me out... who knows maybe some of you may already have had this problem.

Thanks all
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  1. Turn AA down, max AA kills the framerate on my i7 with dual 570's (only on Crysis)
  2. yep also your likely to be getting a slight bottleneck with that gpu on that cpu... your at the very limit of what an amd cpu can handle... if your using a 1920/1080 or bigger screen of 23"/24" then use x4 aa maxium. any more and you wont see it but you will get a serious fps hit...
    the higher the dpi and the smaller the screen the better because you wont need aa to hide the jaggies.
    on a 21"screen you can get away with x2 aa if its 1920/1080 because the pixel pitch of the screen is so small.
    adversly if you were running on a 19" 1280/1024 screen i would say use x4 -x8 aa as the screens dpixel pitch is pretty big and will need more blending to get edges looking smooth.
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