I wanna buy a good gaming mouse? which should i get?


I came up with many results but i have no idea which is one best enough for help making my skills in battlefield 3, i want to build up accuracy, i tried harder and harder this past 5 months but i am unable to be accuracy at the time of aiming the enemy. i think its bcoz of my current mouse which is logitech m100 simple mouse. I came up with many results and i think this one is best for me also one of my friends suggested me this one, now i have no idea which to buy and i am too confused. also don't go for the price. Both are at the same price in my country. So what do u think which should i get or suggest me any other one according to you.

I will appreciate all answers...

Thank you
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  1. I use a Logitech G500. It's good value, comfortable and fully featured. Best mouse I've ever used.
  2. G500.
  3. G500 is out of the question, its too expensive, i have to decide from G300 or G400 or this kinzu from steel series? Which one?
  4. Fair play. In that case I would go with the Logitech.
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    I have been using logitech mx-518 for 5 years and recently bought the G400. At first, I didnt like it cause it felt 'cheaper' compared to mx-518 but honestly who cares as long as it does its work. Now I'm used to it and its fine.

    On the other hand, I have never used anything other than logitech mouses so I can not comment on Razer, Steelseries, Microsoft etc.
  6. Corsair M60.
  7. I bought the Razer Naga Epic over the weekend. I wanted a wireless mouse since I play from the couch and don't wanna get tangled up in the cords. As long as the mouse stays within 6ft of the receiver, it responds perfectly from my observation.

    The 12 button side panel is great if you play MMORPGs where the command bar is linked to the number keys (top/side). If you like to use your mouse to move the camera angles and target mobs, it's great for NOT having to move the cursor back and forth between the command bar to click on an action and then back to what you want to click on your screen.

    You can switch between wired to wireless pretty easily as well. Has lots of color combinations for the lights, but I don't really pay attention to that.

    Tried it with Secret World (first beta weekend). Buttons 1-7 are what's used.

    Currently playing Diablo III with it and it's great. Buttons 1-4 are used.

    Haven't tried it in WoW, but I'd assume it'd be great for PVP since you can move/strafe while still inputting commands with the mouse (via side panel).

    First person shooters aren't my cup of tea so I can't really comment on that.
  8. +1 for the mx60

    had it for 6 months now and love it

    feels really well built and find it very accurate in fps games--got a snipe button too

    edit--typo--corsair m60 not mx
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  10. Thanks to all for their precious answers. I ended up buying logitech G400 with decent gaming mouse pad, control edition.
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