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Asus V7700 OC resets

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May 21, 2001 10:48:02 PM

Every time I kick up the card and reboot, my settings change. I also tried to use the coolbits and it tells me Im missing the nvhwctl section. When I do OC the temp goes up around 150f is this safe? 360 memory 230 core.The temp without OC is 138F.

K7-Master Ver. 1.1 2 dimm Bios Ver 1.1
T-Bird 1.2 266fsb retail box OC'ed to 1.4
{cpu host/pci clock: 140/35}
{cpu Vcore select: Default}
{cpu ratio: x10}
Tai-Sol CGK760092 H/S
Crucial 256mb PC2100 CL=2.5
unbuffered non-parity 8-8-8-3-7-2-3
Asus V7700 32 DDR Geforce 2
{7650 3D Mark 2000}
IBM 30GB 7200rpm ATA/100 HD
SB Ensoniq sound card in slot 2
56k Modem in slot 4
50x cd-rom
Enlight 7237 Mid Tower 350 PS w/ extra fan
Drivers Installed using newest downloads
{VIA Atapi}
{IRQ routing}
{AMD AGP mini port}
Drivers off the CD
{MSI nVidia Drivers}

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May 22, 2001 7:30:26 PM

That seems a little hot to me... 150f, so about 65c. Mine runs steady 120f/49c under a full load @ 213core/365mem.
But the first thing I did was to remove that dinky HSF that it came with and put on a real HSF. And...I cut a circular hole in my side panel and mounted a fan to blow cool air right across to the AGP (geforce). Although I think a good HSF would do it.

BTW, thanks for posting temps on ur card...ppl keep posting their clock speeds but none seem to post their temps. Could
be because the nvida drivers don't report temp, while the Asus drivers do...that's why I wwent back to the Asus drivers.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
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May 22, 2001 8:12:31 PM

anyway I can get temps on my gladiac......i'm interested in how hot Im running........300 mhz and 524 ram.....but I have two big server fans blowing cool air right on the card.

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May 22, 2001 11:11:57 PM

The Asus manual shows a picture of the smart doctor temp panel. It shows a temp at 129/54, so I would assume this is normal. Then it shows a panel with a temp of 200/90 and states the card is overheated due to the fan not functioning well. I would sure like to know what's exceptable and what's not!!! Any ideas on the settings changing after reboot?
May 23, 2001 4:41:33 PM

I would think 129F/54C is normal for the stock HSF, under a load. But since I replaced mine
with a CPU HSF, I can't say for sure. I bumped mine to 220core/364mem (max) to see if the temp
would go up while playing 3d games. I'm still a steady 120F/49C.

I know this sounds obvious, but, check your HSF make sure you have a good contact and a
goodly amount of thermal paste. I wasn't at all impressed with the flatness between the chip
and the stock HSF. With a little paste on the chip, place the HSF on the chip, then remove it and look to see what pattern the paste leaves on the HSF. This will give you some idea what kind of contact you have.

I lapped my heatsink with 600/1000 sand paper on a glass surface before I placed it
on the chip, and I used a goodly amount of arctic silver II thermal paste.

What's the smart doctor say about the voltage on the chip? It should be 3.3v, but actually it
can be a little lower or higher and function okay. I've seen up to 3.41v. on some boards.

As far as the settings changing, yes, it will float a few points upon reboot from where you last
set it But if you mean it completely resets to default, then check the box that says,
use these settings each time. Other than that, I don't know…it may be defective? Or bad
driver install?

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by bud on 05/23/01 05:22 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
May 23, 2001 8:13:09 PM

Thanks bud!! I had an old p166 H/S+fan so I popped it on and now my temp is 125/52 thats much better. Now I have to shut down the smart doctor, it keeps on popping up and telling me the fans not functioning but, it still shows my temp and volts. Solve one problem and another one takes it's place. I don't care "misson accomplished"!!!!!.

Here are my Volt specs:

AGP bus vddq voltage 1.50
AGP bus voltage 3.3

I read somewhere else about the settings changing and it's only minor so I'll live with it .

129/54 is at idle