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I would like to buy diablo 3 and was wondering where the cheapest place I can get a digital copy from in the UK I have had a look and all I see to find are hard copies that are out of stock, I know you can get it from but I don’t really fancy shelling out £45 for a game that doesn’t seem to be working properly, that brings me on to me second question. Is the game working now or is the still issues with logging in due to the servers being overloaded etc. if the are I can wait a few days and probable get the game a little cheaper.

Thanks Tom.
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    I have not had any issues with the game since launch. I had to work the first day it was out but when I got on that night I played for about 3 hours with no issues and have been doing good since. Its a solid game that you will enjoy, not sure your going to get it on the cheap when it just launched though, maybe amazon or ebay?
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