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I thought I was cleaning my drivers but instead my son told me that I just got rid of them by using driver sweeper. Is there something I can do to undo what I just did? My son told me that I uninstalled the drivers.

I asked him why he put this on my computer and he told me he knows how to use it and that I should have not touched it. I thoiught it was a program like cc leaner which cleans things on my computer.

I need to undo what I did on driver sweeper. Is there an UNDO FEATURE to get it back to where it was before?
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  1. You can try System Restore, and if that doesn't work, you'll probably have to redownload all the drivers.
  2. Go to Device Manager
    Right click on any entry that has a Yellow Exclamation mark
    Select "Update Driver Software"
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