Oblivion- windows 7

how much dedicated memory do you need for oblivion?

I have a intel (R) HD Graphics family- dedicated 64mb with shared 1632mb

will that work? If not what a good game that would compare to that and work on my video card?

deployed and bored here I need a game, lol

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  1. I think you need a minimum of 128mb but morrowind the third game in the elder scrolls series has a minimum of 32mb and I've seen people on this site say what a great game that is
  2. forget it mate, Obliv ain't gonna run on mobo graphics .... sorry :(
  3. exactly. intel igp's are weak at best and certainly wont run oblivion at anywhere near needed fps even on lowest settings... get a dedicated gfx like an 98gt to get medium quality, but you will need a minimum 450w to run the extra gfx...
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