CS:GO w/ GTX670 Frame rate drop/lag spikes issue need Help!

Hi, just upgraded my graphics to a GTX670 and my framerates on GO is horrible. I have the video settings on default and I'm getting anywhere from 10fps to 100+ fps. The framerates jumps up and down randomly. Has anyone else has this issue before? My setup far exceeds the requirements for this game so it shouldn't be a hardware issue. Also this was tested offline with bots so I don't know how good or bad multiplayer would be. I am running on AMD PhenomII X4 965 cpu if that helps. Let me know, if anyone has a solution
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  1. I dont have a nVidia card. But i hope i can help.

    Did you try to turn off vSync?

    I read something like your issue here: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/GeForce-GTX690-GTX680-GTX670-V-Sync-Stuttering-Fix,15670.html
  2. The problem is likely the fact that Counter Strike is a very old OpenGL game. Modern video cards or at least Nvidia and AMD, have pretty much abandoned OpenGL on their video cards. The rare occasion an OpenGL game is released, they will update the drivers so that they game will perform well, but with such an old game, these new cards are not optimized to handle the OpenGL.
  3. cs global offencive is a new game m8. its based on the updated cs engine so is well supported.
    my guess is its cpu related. if your running an fx based setup then thats most likely to be the cause due to the game not using all the cpu resources and running off 2 threads which the fx cpu's just dont do very well and will bottleneck higher end cards...
    try running a more thread demanding game like bf3 of badcompany 2 to see if your getting low fps on them games. if you have em.
  4. From what I tell, CS:GO is in beta. Is this true? Are you playing a beta version?

    Again, AMD and Nvidia almost never release their OpenGL updated drivers for a particular game until right before the release of the game. Since it is not released yet, the drivers are likely not optimized for the game.

    If I'm wrong, you can ignore what I wrote.
  5. I am running on a phenom II CPU. I heard about the FX series issue with CS:GO but not sure if that effects the phenom II series at all. I am also running the beta version, since retail has not been release yet. Battlefield 3 runs just fine with 60fps+
  6. I updated my mobo bios and it seem to fix the issue of low frame drop in the beginning but I still get frame drop throughout the game at times. I am guessing it is CPU issue like with the FX series. Maybe the PhenomII are affected too
  7. jayfx2 said:
    I updated my mobo bios and it seem to fix the issue of low frame drop in the beginning but I still get frame drop throughout the game at times. I am guessing it is CPU issue like with the FX series. Maybe the PhenomII are affected too

    There is a vary good chance that it's a driver issue with the GPU. Look at games like Rage, which ran awful at release, because the drivers were not ready. That is because games like Rage are OpenGL, and AMD and Nvidia just do not support OpenGL with their gaming cards except on a game by game basis. You'll have to wait until release to really know.
  8. you could make yourself a config that increases performance and see if that solves anything. also check video options and your hardwares compatibility..

    and isnt csgo also able to run in D3D instead OpenGL like the others???? if not i better get AMD oh lawd
  9. Hey, I solved the issue by reformatting my pc. now everything runs smoothly.
  10. this issue will be solved by un update bios the problem is with the old bios
    try must be solved ;)
  11. Hey guys i am also buy counter strike global offensive and i just install and upgrade but it still hanging when i am playing it
    any solution?
  12. All of the answers above are incorrect. Valve has identified a memory leak issue, specifically with nvidia branded cards, that is causing frame rate loss especially after the "Arms" udpate was released. It isn't your video cards problem, instead it's Valves stupid issue. Please keep in mind that CSGO is a ongoing beta testing ground for Valve to further test the Source engine. So, they are constantly screwing with things and it is causing issues with some clients. For further information, visit the steam forums and search for forums posts related to this. As of right now, there is a small fix that you can add to the the start command for CSGO called "-processheap" It seems to fix the issue for the most part but some users still get the occasional fps loss. Anyways, have fun waiting on Valve to get off their rear ends and fix the issue.
  13. okay
  14. I had the same problem but there is a fix that I stumbled upon by accident. Check and see if any of your CPU cores are parked at all. If they are, then unpark them. You can see if your cores are parked by checking your resource monitor on windows, just go to the CPU tab and scroll down reading the right side. Some cores will be labeled as parked.
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