Does Call of Duty: United Offense work under Win 7 64-bit?

Hello guys and gals, anyway I downloaded the COD: UO demo from Activision's site (yeah they still keep it around) and so I wanted to try it out before I by it. the thing is I couldn't even start it without getting a buffer overrun error on Microsoft C+++ library or something. If this is plaguing the demo I'm not sure I actually want to buy the full game.
CPU: Pentium D 820
Graphics card: Geforce 9400 GT
OS: 7 Home Premium 64-bit
All modded from an original Dell Dimension E520.
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  1. I have the original CoD (UO is the expansion IIRC) and it worked fine on Vista x64. I guess I could try if it works on Win 7 x64. Exactly what is the problem?

    Imo, original CoD and CoD4 were the best in the CoD series so far. Everything else is just cr@p.
  2. Really? Anyway I would start the demo and the logo of the game would show up with the title and all that but after that I would get a pop up in-game with the beffer overrun thing from Microsoft C+++ library. I would show a screen shot but I don't know how to do it here.
  3. I have the entire CoD warpack (CoD, CoD:UO, CoD2) from steam. All three work just fine on my Win7 x64.
  4. I'm not using the Source Engine the game I'm goint to get above I think is an original CD. Maybe I'll buy it and try it 1 cent isn't that expensive.
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    Yup. CoD works fine with my Win 7 x64 (installed it on a laptop lol). Here's a screen cap of the first level:

    Played for about 30 minutes so far. No problems, works in Full screen too, but gotta hack in 16:9 resolution choices. CDs FTW! No seriously, this is only one of 2 games I have on CD/DVD. The other is Spore (my sis plays/owns this, and I ain't installing DRM, so yeah DLed a non DRM version :ange: ). I get my games off Steam. This and COD4 were only campaigns I have done start to finish.
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  7. i have problems with CODUO on my new setuo (AMD FX 6 core, 8 gigs, asus mobo, win 7 ultimate 64 bit, my vid card is an older ati radeon 2600 pro). it starts but stutters playing online. i also cant fully control screen brightness. trying compatibility mode does not solve all the issues. ironically, i have few issues with my laptop (AMD 4 core, 4 gigs, win 7 home). any advice.
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