My watercooler is finally finished

I finally got my watercooler project done. I ran it this weekend running cpu stress test in heat mode and only got a top temp of 14 deg. cel. The chip is a duron 800 @ 1008 mhz with the mem at 318 (i am using a msi k7t 266 pro mb). I took pictures of the whole project and am hoping to have them up soon. I am working on a page right now for it. Here are some quick specs though:

Swiftech 462 waterblock
Swiftech radiator
Ehiem 1042 pump
Overclockers Hideout Water cooled vid card setup
156 w. Pelier
All scsi system

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  1. Wow - cool, no pun intended - well, maybe a little one. What temps was your Duron getting up to aircooled/max speed - and what chip are you now planning to put in there with that monster 156W TEC?

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  2. nice, very nice... i would really like to build something like that... but rob one of those old condensers and use that... that would be very nice though you would need an extra plug (and use a lot more electricity) but thats the whole point of overclocking isnt it? hehehe...

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  3. i have never ran that chip aircooled sorry but another 800 and a oced 650 was running around the 48 deg. range with a super orb on them with both cores at 1.7v. ran sissoft on it and got around 559/739 and the mb has the r127 not r126 resistor. i got a dead mb today that i can scavange the smr that i need for the mod. i also did the voltage mod and had the chip up to 1133 on my first try (the vcore would go up to 2.24v) but then i moved around a couple of things on the pc and the wire broke off for the voltage mod so and i can't put it back on without removing the mb from the case and all the seals/gaskets/silicon from the mb. i finnaly today let the chip dip to -1 and it is fine so i don't think i will have any problems with condensation. i do plan to get a 1.33 amd chip if i can find one at my distributor.

    here are the hardware specs:
    msi k7t 266 mb
    amd duron 800 oced to 1008
    crucial 256 pc2100 at a 316 fsb at cas 2.5 4-way interleave
    10k 18 gig ultra 160 ibm hdd
    toshiba scsi dvd
    adaptec u160 dual channel scsi controler
    3com 905c nic
    visiontek geforce 2 mx 32 mb running 210/180 stable

    on the way:
    santa cruz sound card
    1.33 amd chip

  4. hehehe, btw i forgot to say i have the 1.1 non-beta bios that i did the mem testing with. also i have a 650w enermax power supply and a seprate 13.8 volt power supply for the tec.

  5. Sweet, I can't wait to see the pics.

    With temperatures near freezing though, I'd definately be worried about condensation. What kind of steps did you take to prevent condensation at the socket and cpu pins etc?
  6. the pictures are up sorta. they are on a server at my work with no page but just the 2 directories of the pictures. they are at ahhh, i was wondering when someone was going to ask about condensation. i use mainly 3 items for that. the watersink that i bought came with 2 nice gaskets as you will see in the pics. the mb gasket i siliconed to the mb with standard bathtub silicon. i also did the same thing around the tec. for around the pins, between the 2 gaskets and such i use the frost fighters gel from it works good. i also used a non-copper spacer to help seal the area around the chip to the coldplate. system has been running for 5 days now fine with no water leeks. if you are wondering about the coolant i used (becouse of the color) i used a mix of dexcool, distilled water, and redline water wetter (i used dexcool for a couple of reason:the olders car my family owns is a 97 so all our cars use it, it was on hand, i have 4 cats and dexcool is less poisions that reg. anti-freeze, and it corrodes less and doesn't have the build up like reg. antifreeze does, and it is good for 5 year of use :-p).


  7. Your pictures are huge. Change the size of them, otherwise it takes forever to load. I've got a LAN connection and it still take a good 30 seconds per picture.

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  8. sorry i forgot to say that the picture size is about 600k each...i used a digital camera from work to take them and i haven't had the time to shrink them down yet/

  9. i got my tbird 1.2 last night and installed it. the temps are around 21-26 now but the mem scores went way up. i got in the 660's/889 with sissoft at a 155 fsb and the chip at 1445 and it is completely stable. i am thinking of glueing a hsf or a watersink the the northbridge though. anyone have any idea on how to drop my temps even farther?


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