CoDWaW + 2G Intel Core i3 + HD3000 = No dice...

Hey all,

After coming to this site as a guest for years finding solutions to my various PC-related issues, I think I have a new one for you guys.

As you probably know, I am having trouble running Call of Duty 5: World at War on my laptop, which is a 230M i3 with HD3000 integrated graphics. I should hope by now everyone knows that integrated no longer means "can't play games" but for those of you who don't know, Fallout: New Vegas plays fine on medium graphics settings on this very laptop.

Anyway, I have tried running CodWaW in XP, 7, and now I'm on 8 Consumer Preview (all 64 bit), still no dice. I have tried the sound fix, which I am very accustomed to doing with past machines, I've tried compatibility mode, and I jsut tried the Fallout 3 fix (d3d9.dll placed in game folder). The d3d9.dll fix led CoDWaW to ask me if I wanted it to automatically configure my "new hardware", so I thought maybe the dll fix would work. Nope, every time I try to start the game, save for the very first run of an install, it gets to about the opening video, then the screen goes black, and almost instantly I am back on the Windows desktop.

The first time I run the game with an install, I make it to the "choose profile" screen, and it runs until I actually choose the profile, and I have tried both my profiles, but since they work fine on my Radeon 5750 desktop, I discarded them as a potential issue-causer.

So, to sum up, I have tried updating the graphics driver, using the one Windows 8 provides, using Intel's, I've explored the "compatibility" tab, I've run it in safe mode, I've tried installing the patches through 1.7, not installing the patches, I've done everything one normally does when troubleshooting this sort of thing.

Oh by the way, when I try Multiplayer mode, I get a different issue- I get that "CoDWaWMp has stopped working" sort of error. I mean the same thing happens on Solo/Coop as it does MP, but I only get an error from MP.

Thanks in advance, guys!
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  1. Okay well... I guess mark this as solved... I disabled Windows Firewall for both Public and Private networks, launched Solo/Co-op, it worked fine. I then closed CoDWaW, re-enabled Windows Firewall across the board, ran it works fine now... Weird, but hey, it works, and it runs pretty well- about as good as my desktop when it had the Radeon HD 4350 installed- so like 800x600 resolution, but hey, it works...

    Hopefully other people can benefit from seeing my solution here!
  2. Actually, that didn't really help...It ran like crap. So I installed Intel's Windows 8 Beta driver for the HD3000, and now CoDWaW doesn't crash, it freezes at the menu, so I have to Ctrl+alt+del, log off, then log back on to try again, Task Manager won't come front and center from CoDWaW.

    Now that there are replies, people are going to assume this problem is being taken care of.... But hopefully someone reads this and can help...Thanks again in advance everyone.
  3. hey jimmy i happened upon this searching for something else and i have the inspiron one 19 all in one desktop,it is more like a laptop because it has laptop components, anyway it has 4 gigs of ram 2.8 ghz Intel dulecore g41 chip set processor/integrated gpu and it actually runs on 1024-768 resolution with a couple of other things disabled. I'm not sure if you bought the game or if you have the cracked version, but if want help getting the cracked version, i can help you. the gpu that you have should play it ,if you got the cracked version and installed it wrong or depending on were you got it could be the problem of why it is not working, my other desktop has 2 gigs of ram and 2.0 ghz duel core processor and nvidia nforce 7100 630i gpu/processor and it plays as well. if you want help, email me and i can possible help you get it working. i have never played this on xbox or anything i just got a coupe of weeks ago so i am new to the game but really like it. Ps.My name is Brian. Email>
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