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Hey so I'm trying to figure out, if I romance Ashley in ME1, Miranda in ME2, can I then romance Ashley again in ME3? If so how do I do that? What's involved in making sure you romance each character??
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  1. Aah, love.....its simply complicated!! :D

    Sorry, I couldn't help you out with on the query! :)
  2. Wow no one has anything to say on this one? Am I really that terrible at romancing the lady folk? Sniffle.
  3. Only one way to find out.
  4. Always choose the paragon (upper dialog) option. It's as simple as that. If there are any charm (blue options) use those too.

    Getting action in Mass Effect is ridiculously easy, just pick the dialog options that don't make Shepard a complete ponce.
  5. Got it. I'm just trying to figure out what romances will affect others. For instance if I romance Kelly can I also romance Miranda, if I romance Miranda in ME2 can I romance Ashley in ME3, can I romance Traynor and Ashley in ME3? Etc...
  6. Kelly isn't a real romance, more a side thing you can do, so you can romance both her and Miranda in ME2. I believe it is possible to get Ashley back in ME3 if you romanced someone else in ME2, I think you have to use a charm dialog option at some point. You can only have on or the other as far as Traynor and Ashley goes in ME3.
  7. Got it, thanks so much. So I need to make sure to have some charm skills in ME3 if I wanna get Ashley back?
  8. In order to romance Miranda, or anyone for that matter, you pretty much have to not be super nice to anyone else and just be nice to that one person so you have the option to romance them correct?
  9. You can be nice to other people, you just have to turn them down once you hit the conversation that dictates whether a romance starts.
  10. Ok got it, so don't "lock in" to a romance with someone because then you won't have the dialogue options to romance someone else.
  11. How do you know what each of those conversations is for each character?
  12. You're just going to have to figure that one out for yourself. Usually the dialogue options are pretty obvious indicating if you want Shepard to say he is interested in a relationship.
  13. Ok got it, thanks so much for all the help!
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