Wii emulator robin on 4200?

There is an emulator called dolphin that emulates a Wii. Will it run good on my integrated 4200 with 128Mb dedicated VRAM? And where do I get the IOS game files
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  1. The 4200 is probably not enough. A VERY good CPU is far more important.
    As for the ISOs, you need to dump your game discs using your Wii. Everything else is illegal!
  2. My 4200, 4GB, runs it like 20 something FPS, I'm doing some tweaking. But I will try it on my 5770,i5. Thinks that's good enough?
  3. Game speed is determined by CPU architecture and clock speed. The GPU is not that important. Remember that it is an emulator and NOT a PC game. An i5 (first or second generation) with 3+ GHz should be enough for a lot of games but not all! An overclocked i5 2500K is needed for the more demanding games.
  4. most emulators are resource heavy because they have to simulate all the chips and buses accurately for the emulation to funtion correctly, I was suprised at how much cpu was needed just to emulate an Amiga 1200 ((WinUAE) Motorola 68EC020 at 14MHz) it was near enough equivelent to what was needed for the Wii emulator ((Dolphine)PowerPC-based "Broadway" at 729 MHz)
  5. Thanks, see, it's playable,etc on got 38-25 FPS on my. 4200, 2.2Ghz. Dual core with the special catalysts software. It's very playable (Mario kart) 1024x 768. Monitor. Thanks again
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