anyone use peltier (TEC)??

just want to know more about TEC, and how you guys solve the steam problem??
thanks for help.
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  1. Steam problem?

    If you're generating steam, you've either got a loose connection and a cold house, or 101C water......
  2. Yikes, steam?! I don't know what steam problem you're talking about, and I assume you don't have a box setup that is producing said steam.

    Could you elaborate on what you'd like to know? If you're talking about a peltier getting hot enough to boil the water in your waterblock.... err.. I don't think that's gonna happen, no matter HOW big your peltier is.
  3. Most people have the problem of condensation/frost on the cpu...

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  4. because i may buy a 55W senfu's peltier and do you guys know how much it can cool down?? can it be around 10C??
    i use TB 1G and duron 800
    does the 55W senfu's peltier good for tb1G overclock?
    does it enough?
    thanks very much.
  5. Absolutely NOT. A Thunderbird 1Ghz puts out over 60W of heat, and a 55W heat pump would actually function as a processor heater. You may then think that a 72W would solver your problems, but once you realize that that 72W rating is under no load in a vacuum, and that there are additional heat sources such as resistance in the peltier itself, you are chasing your own tail. If you're aiming for 10C, you'd have a hard time doing it with a 156W peltier on a TB 1Ghz. In the hardocp forums they have a thread under the overclocking and cooling section on various q and a's, and many good links are recommended there for extreme cooling (phase change, liquid cooling, TECs, etc). You should give it a look. To be perfectly honest, peltiers are for extremists who do their homework who are looking for that extra few percent (a 10C drop in temperature only results in about a 2-5% increase in performance for most types of transistors). You don't sound like one of these people, even though you might eventually turn out to be. Peltiers though, by their nature, are very dangerous. The condensation they can potentially cause can destroy components through shorts, if the peltier should for some reason fail, it doesn't conduct heat through it very well without power applied, so it will likely fry the chip, etc. More power to you for asking, but do your homework and be careful.

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  6. thanks for your help can you give me the website??
    thanks again.
  7. oi you NOOOOO... 55 watt should be fine... wont drop it to 10 C but might get very near to room temperature... youve got to remember that even as tom said in his review of the vapochill... though its watt rating is lower than the cpu it will cool it a lot more than say a heatsink/fan combo alone... with cooling its not about the power you put in... its about the heat you get off the cpu

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