Iwill KK266 or KT7 A ??

I am going to be putting together a system based around an AXIA Gig T-bird in the next couple of weeks.What I really wanted to know is whether I should go for an ABIT KT7 A or The IWILL KK266 (a brand which until recently I hadn't heard of) as apparently better fsbs can be achieved with the latter.The other thing is for anybody using either of these 2 mentioned boards with a Gig cpu what range of multipliers are you able to select from and of those which one are you currently using?
Sorry for all the questions but coming as I am from an all Intel background the concept of being able to change multipliers is a novelty.
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  1. I went with the iwill. With tbird you can only go up to 12 with both mobo's. You can only get the max 15x if you have athlon 4.
  2. Oh right,
    it's a decision that's not made any easier by the fact that I am now on my 2nd ABIT (BP6 then BE6-2) and seem to get on well with them.I assume in terms of features there is little difference between the 2 makes but if the IWILL really is stable at higher fsbs that might just help (I realise all other components have to be up to scratch too).

  3. MY Cas2 Pc133 can do 155fsb on my KK266
  4. ive got the ABIT KT7A (non-raid) and AHIA 1G (100x10)
    both very nice!
    the multiplier ranges from 5 to 12.5 (0.5 steps) in BIOS, 12.5 is in fact actually a multiplier of 13.0 on the chip (POST screen reports this as 104x12.5, but a new bios release reports as 100x13)
    the FSB ranges from 100/33 to 155/38, includes 136/34, 140/35, 145/34, 150/37 (in case you don't know the second number is PCI speed, x2 for AGP)

    normally my pc runs 133x7.5, it will run all day at 133x9, but it has loaded windows at 145x9.5 only to suffer heat lock-ups (52/53 C) after 5/10 mins of QIII looping demos, only have FOP32, with better cooling and HQ ram i could possibly hit 150x9/9.5
    the abit board has so many options in its Softmenu III that it can be quite scary, at first. one feature is the "load optimal" and "load stable" hot keys, very handy!

    sorry if i sound like a abit rep., my last 3 mobo's have been ABIT, i've never had a problem with any of them

    [-peep-] touch wood

    however, we all start at the end and finish at the begining
  5. Get the Iwill KK266, much cheaper and also much better in o/c. I have an athlon 1.0ghz 266fsb retail. I can overclock it to 1.4 ghz (133*10.5) easily. Very stable even without increasing voltage. (But I know I can overclock it even higher than that) The FSB can also be overclocked pretty high, i got it to 147mhz very stable. All this using the RETAIL STOCKED Heatsink/Fan that came with my CPU!!! Temp was @ 30 deg Celcius!!! (its this low cuz its cold outside and i left my window open and took the case cover off). But during regular use, and hot days, i underclock it 1.2ghz.
    So if that answers your question, GET THE IWILL KK266!!!
  6. Dont get either, get the kg7 raid, its the same features ad the kt7a but WITH AN AMD DDR CHIPSET W00T!

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  7. then how do they get the 1.3 ghz with the 100 fsb if they can't go any higher then 12 multipler
  8. I meant to say 12.5 which actually posts as 13 if you read the rest of this thread.
  9. I have a KT7 not a KT7-A but I noticed the latest BIOS, ZT, has a multiplier setting labeled "~12.5~17". This is rather cryptic. Does this mean that the KT7-A will support up to 17 * 133 mhz?
  10. The word is that you can't reach those multipliers with tbirds. The iwill supports up to 15x but you can't use them.
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