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Ok im having a lot of trouble with game lag. I just got diablo 3 and ill be anywhere from 5-45 minutes into the game and it will start lagging terribly to the point where its practically unplayable. I went back and played an older game (Red Alert 2) and it lags as well. I've done all i can and am at wits end. Ive restored my computer to factory default, cleaned out my heat sinks, defragged my comp and misc. other things. now im looking for help anyone have any ideas?

Btw i have an alienware M15x laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 graphics card. I have and intel i7 Q740 processor. and 6 gigs of RAM
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  1. Have you got the latest AMD Graphics drivers? 12.4 I believe is the latest.
  2. you could also do a memory test and what sort of temps are you running at you mentioned cleaning your heatsinks
  3. i just downloaded AMD Catalyst yesterday. but would an update to my graphics driver be an issue because it still lags on an old game like red alert 2
  4. A corrupt graphics driver could do it. Try running driversweeper (google for a download), and get rid of all "Amd - display". After that, restart and install the newest graphics drivers you have.
  5. i did all that my cores are running around 72-78C. and what sort of memory test could i run?
  6. ok let me try driversweeper and see what happens
  7. i ran driverseeper and reinstalled everything but its still lagging
  8. i ran a memory test on my comp no problems came up. and i read thata the processor is good till 100C. im still having problems tho. i thought it was a latency issue but its definitely more than that. since red alert isnt online and its an older game
  9. have you tried them on low settings to start off with
  10. yeah it lags just the same as on regular settings. ive tried everything i can think of. the only idea i havent heard is using driversweeper but even that didnt work.
  11. is it anything to do with the 3rd comment on this thread
  12. no my friend plays diablo with no problem...diablos servers might have something to do with it but i highly doubt to this extent. i had a friend come over and look at my computer and he was shocked at the lag that was happening.
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