OMG how can i make a USB drive be recognized as a CD/DVD drive?

Here's my story: I have no dvd drive on my laptop, so i made an ISO of a game (KotOR 2) on a different computer, transferred it to my laptop, and "burned" the ISO to the USB drive. I installed it on my laptop. Then I downloaded a no-cd crack for the game...BUT, it turns out that no-cd cracks and intel chipsets won't run the game.

Fine...i get the regular EXE, stick in the USB drive, thinking it should act like a disc, and try to run the game: it gives me an error and says there's no cd/dvd in the drive.

WTF?! How can I get this damn USB drive to be recognized as a cd drive?!

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  1. By "USB drive" I take it you mean a flash drive.

    So you tried applying a crack, but that didn't work, so you got another file, and copied that that into your USB drive? If this is what you did, you can either :

    1) Use Daemon Tools to mount the ISO, or
    2) Extract/Burn the ISO onto your USB drive again (replace the copy already in it), and then try running the game.
  2. Piracy is a no go on this site!
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