Just bought a cyclone blower, where should it go?

I felt like my comp could use some cooling so I bought one of those cyclone blowers(fan that goes under pci cards in one of pci slots). Now I need to figure out where to put it. For now I have it in the third slot. below is my network card(I think they're touching). The blower is blowing right on my new Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. the slot above the sound card is emtpy and I have an ASUS Geforce2 GTS DDR in the AGP. So I'm wondering if the blower is ok as it is or if I should move it up so it blows on a more important piece and greater heat producer, the video card. What do u think?
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  1. If its touching the other card, then I'd power off NOW.
    I'd suggest that you have it blowing on the vid card

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