Is AC:R any good? or worth $20

just wondering what some of you thought. i played and really liked 2, but didnt care too much for brotherhood. i was just gonna wait till 3 came out till i seen revelations is $20 on steam right now. now im thinking of getting it but am wondering if its just more of the same. i also played those others on console, and i heard the controls arent great with mouse and keyboard. please let me know what you think if you have followed the series.
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    I liked it better than Brotherhood, but i didn't think it was as good as 1 or 2. The mouse seemed a bit sluggish, but I fixed that by increasing the sensitivity. I didn't have any problems with the keyboard controls.
  2. I played all the AC series and like them all. I had no problem with keyboard and mouse, works for me. But I love Brotherhood the most.
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  4. It depends i wouldn't reccomed it for gameplay but if you follow the story it is worthwhile getting.
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