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My monitors are the most expensive components of my machines and it's been 95 degrees here the past few days. And since we in California are being punished for the sins of liberal idiots and the politicians consider us to be part of some other AC will be shut off for much of the summer do to price raping by the other states. Here’s a tip, don't deregulate unless you have a serious excess of power. Anyway, monitors can overheat and burn me on that, I know from experience. So I put cooling fans an all my monitors...check em out....

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
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  1. Cool Idea, Where did u get the DC current for the 1st fan? Could I splice a wire in my monitor? Dose the fan turn off when the computer goes into standby?

    Thx & cya

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  2. Ah, sorry I didn't even think to show the power adapters.
    I just use standard ac-dc adapters that are plugged into power strips. The Gem-star's is 12v and the ViewSonic's is only 9v, but it works fine.

    I just let my fans run during power management, I figure they don't consume more than a couple watts@12v. But splicing them into the monitor could be interesting and the wires could go back inside that way. Maybe I'll try that some time with my cheapo 14" monitor.

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
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