Fixing boot and accessing the W7 partition from xp

I had dual boot with xp and then w7 installed. Both on different hard drives

xp got corrupted and I transferred the work on another external drive.

formated the xp drive and booted the computer.

w7 started fine. I did some other work.

Then booted again and w7 would go in start up repair screen. So i selected to repair the start up. booted again and still no w7.
Booted with xp cd and found out that xp install windows is not even detecting the former xp drive.

I hooked both drives up to lap top (using external hard drive case) and i could read both drives. I used seagate tool on one drive and format/partitioned it. Then put it in computer and installed xp on it. (This drive is fixed so dont worry about this one)

Now the second drive which had windows 7 installed on it wont boot when it is the only drive in pc. It has important stuff on it so i dont wanna lose the partition. what do I do?
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  1. That's painful, I dont have too much experience in doing that but is Windows detectable on the laptop and did you split the Windows C drive and your files on D drive?
  2. Hello sobank;
    You can use the Win7 Installation disk to do a "repair" of the Win7 bootloader.

    Or you can try EasyBCD to do a bootloader repair.
    Revamp Windows 7 Bootloader Easily with EasyBCD
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