Battlefield 3 @ 2560*1440

Hey Guys,

So my specs are as follows:

Monitor=Dell U2711

i7920 @ 3.36gHz HT on
6 GB OCZ Gold Triple Channel Ram @1600
PowerColor Radeon HD6990 @ Stock
Sandisk 120gb sata 3 SSD

I was under the impression that this would be enough to smoothly run the game. However, I experience FPS drops as low as into the 30s on ultra. I turned off post AA and it still seems to be having trouble. So my questions are as follows:

1. Does BF3 still have any outstanding issues with hyper threading?
2. Is there something in my system bottlenecking me (I've heard BF3 is a RAM whore)?
3. Are there any graphical changes I can make that I won't notice on my monitor(it being an Ultrasharp) that will bring a dramatic performance improvement?

Thank you all in advance!
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    no bottleneck. just the 6990 is falling down as all cards do on bf3 at that rez. i think toms tested on single player to get consistent results. on multiplayer the fps is slightly lower, when i say slightly i mean a lot... from 48 to 35 or less.
    you could drop the game rez to 1920/1080 and let the monitor upscale it for you. your unlikley to notice to be honest and you will get a huge chunk of performance back... or you can use the bf3 config tool and tweek the settings a little such as limiting your max fps to 60 which will bring your minimum fps up, because the gpu isnt wasting resources making needless frames.
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