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Hello, I am building a system with the Asus A7M266 motherboard and 1.33 Thunderbird, I am not really planning on overclocking, so I don't think I will need one of the extreme HSF. I read a lot of reviews from both Tom's and HardOCP but most of the HSF they mentioned are pretty loud, well, as they said. What's a good HSF combo(air cool) that's quiet, but good enough to keep the 1.33 ghz in a cool and stable state? And where can I get it?

Thanks for your input!!
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  1. The quietest heatsink fan I have read about is the Silverado, which is made by a German company called Noise Control.

    They sell direct from this web site <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I bought one and fitted it to my A7M266. It was reviewed favourably in an article on 24 Heatsink Fans (HSF) at this site, see this link <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for the start of the article

    or this <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    for the Silverado section

    As you will see it was the quietest HSF tested, whilst being a very effective cooler as well, coming third overall for cooling ability behind two much more noisy coolers.

    On my 1.2Ghz Athlon when running SETI (100% cpu load) with an ambient temperature of 21C my motherboard temp. is 25C and cpu temp. is 42C
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, I went to the website you mentioned, and I am guessing the page is in German. How much did you pay for the Silverado in US Dollars? I gotta say the silverado looks kindda funny =) I have heard the Volcano II is also a decent cooler and not as noisy, and it's fairly cheap. I am really looking for a HSF for around $25, since I am not planning on overclocking I don't need an extreme cooler. I heard GlobalWin's coolers have programs that allow you to adjust the fan's RPM, does that lower the noise level? But I also read that GlobalWin's coolers got a defected clip or something? Do the new ones fit ok on a Thunderbird?

  3. According to the Silverado order page the current price in US $ is $67 plus
    $22 shipping charge.

    Even if you are not planning on overclocking, a 1.33Ghz Athlon (Thunderbird) cpu produces up to 70W heat output. This means you need a good cooler if you don't want to risk overheating your Athlon.

    I honestly don't think the kind of cooler you can buy for $25 is likely to be good enough. Although I like AMD's Athlon processor I have to admit that one weakness it has compared to Intel's Pentium processors is the lack of an on chip thermal diode that on the Pentium will cause the cpu to shut down if the heatsink is inadequate and the cpu temperature starts to get too high.
    Athlon cpus do not do this, if the cooling system is inadequate they can burn out.

    With the money you are spending on an A7M266 plus the 1.33Ghz Athlon it would be a wise investment to get an effective cpu heatsink fan.
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