SC2: Lost CD Key but have CD. H.E.L.P!

Here's the whole story. I bought SC2 for myself and my brother to play on. My computer is old (I still use it, even while I'm typing now.) so I installed it on my brothers computer. We used his email and everything. One day, he loses the disk. I tore up my house looking for it but never found it. My brother then deleted SC2. A year later I found SC2 under a bunch of stuff under my bed and was not scratched. I ALSO found the cd key but wait, heres the problem. When I accessed the account, (Didn't remember pass for email so I changed it to mine thru security question) it said my account was under surviellance by Blizzard or something like that. And SC2 was gone. CD key said it was used. Which it was. I am getting a new computer soon, I will build it. The games I want to play and max are Mass Effect 3, BF3, TF2, Skyrim, Fallout 3, SC1 (I still have it) and SC2.

Is it possible to fix this problem. I contacted Blizzard but they were jerks and refused to help.
Please H.E.L.P :cry:
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  1. Hello?
  2. nothing we can do. blizzard will and are bound by there t'n'c's to help. they must offere a replacement key if you can prove you own there product. they will charge you about 10$/£ for a new key.
  3. SpaceMilk said:

    Sorry, but I don't quite understand the help you're seeking. Help to circumvent any security features Blizzard may have in place? Not happening. Only Blizzard can help to remove any restrictions on your account.

    SpaceMilk said:
    I contacted Blizzard but they were jerks and refused to help.

    Why did they 'refuse to help'? They're not going to tell you to toss off for no reason.
  4. sounds like you got banned... normally they either put surveillance on your account if the think you are trying to sell it, but if you got banned for cheating all you will be bale to do is make a new account and loose access to any games you have on the old account. this is the price you pay if you get caught cheating. but like i say its odd they are actively watching your account...
    have you been playing any pirated games and tried attaching them to your blizzard account...

    also when you email em be polite and ask simple none leading questions. like i tried to sign in and my account is locked. can you tell me why??? and so on...
  5. I never cheated on SC2. Maybe my brother but IDK. They didn't believe me as in refuse to help.
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