Security Update for Windows XP (KB835732)

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July 1, 2004

A couple of times our computers in a small workgroup (6
PCs with Windows XP, SP1) have attacked by Sasser variant
E worm. I downloaded removal tool from Symantec and
managed to remove the worms, updated ant virus
definitions. And yesterday I applied Security Update for
Windows XP (KB835732) to my PC running Windows XP SP1.
After that I couldn't print to a printer (LaserJet 4200
PCL6) directly attached to my PC through an LPT1 port. I
was able to print to the printer always before I did the
security update. Immediately I tried all of the following
measures but in vain:

1. I checked the cable to the printer to be OK;
2. I reinstalled the print driver;
3. Suspecting the usually used user account's profile
being damaged, I created another user account with
administrative privileges and installed the print driver
4. I checked the LPT1 port in device in Device
Manager and appeared to be working properly. Anyway, I
removed it and reinstalled it suspecting drivers for it
were corrupted;
5. After getting the advise from one of your site, I
ran the SFC.EXE /scanboot at the command prompt and
restarted the PC, The system file checker ran after I
supplied the Windows XP CD;

I'm really frustrated. Especially after installing one of
MS's security updates. Counting too much on Microsoft I
didn't bother to create a set of ERD disks, unfortunately
system monitoring was turned off, or backing up the
registry. So, please help me fix this problem ASAP as we
couldn't print for we have only one printer.

Sincerely, Girma.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.print_fax (More info?)

    try to connect printer to another computer, or buy network (or USB)
    print server (JetDirect)

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